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On finding the fire to keep going when all seems lost

How do you begin your life again when you’ve lost everything you’ve worked for and your dreams have been shattered?

That was the question beloved Australian author Belinda Alexandra faced one freezing winter night when she ran from her home in terror, clutching only her wallet, her phone and her latest manuscript on a USB stick.

To pull herself up from rock bottom, Belinda drew strength from the real-life women who had inspired her bestselling historical fiction: her mother, Tatiana Morosoff, a White Russian who had fled a home more than once due to wars and revolutions; Virginia Hall, an American who lost her leg in an accident but went on to become one of the most revered Allied agents in World War II France; Carmen Amaya, who despite being born into abject poverty in Barcelona rose to become the greatest Flamenco dancer of all time; Edna Walling, who lost her own dream home in a freak fire but created garden designs that made her one of Australia’s most celebrated landscape designers.

They were women who had faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and found ways to forge ahead on their own terms.

In a compelling and exquisite blend of memoir and history, Belinda shows readers that, no matter what challenge they might be facing, there is always the possibility of building a bold life full of meaning again from the ashes.

‘I absolutely loved this truly remarkable & unique new release. It had me madly Googling further information about the icons mentioned, my interest having been piqued. It left me in awe of Belinda's ancestors and tragedy that so deeply impacted their lives.

It also left me reflecting on my own life so far, about my many blessings amidst some great losses, and opening myself up to fully embrace the dreams I have for the future.’
'— Michelle on Goodreads

‘Belinda draws on her own experiences and that of her courageous ancestors along with other fearless women who’ve created their own yellow brick roads to move on from despair to brighter futures. This is not about victims, or blame or shame - this is about pluck.

Loved it.’
@taniafarrelly_author on IG

‘Belinda's Emboldened is a beacon for everyone who's ever been touched by the darkness life can sometimes serve up. I found it a really heartrending read, but also so incredibly life-affirming. I finished those pages ready for anything!’
Sue on Goodreads

‘This is a most unusual book and the combination of autobiography and biography works very well. I congratulate Belinda Alexandra and highly recommend Emboldened to lovers of thoughtful literature.’

@readinghighreviews on IG

Product Details
PRINT ISBN: 9781922848376
Publisher: Affirm Press
Published: 26th April 2023
Pages: 288

'Belinda Alexandra is a master at keeping the pages turning' — Herald Sun