Woman with wartime hairdo, back turned and looking over her right shoulder. Wearing a blue trench with the Eiffel tower behind her. Text: The French Agent by Belinda Alexandra

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For her, the war was not over … A world in chaos. Two very different women. And the mystery of the man who may connect them.

Paris 1946: Sabine Brouillette is a war crimes investigator with the French secret service. She lost her family, including her young son, when her Resistance circuit was betrayed near the end of the war. New evidence comes to light that the traitor was a British double agent who went by the code name 'The Black Fox'. Now her quest for revenge has a single focus: find the Black Fox and kill him.

Sydney 1946: Landscape designer Diana White has been waiting six years for her husband, Casper, to return from the war in Europe. Her son, Freddy, was only a baby when his British-born father joined the RAF. But Casper is a changed man when he returns from the convalescent hospital in England where he has spent the past year under mysterious circumstances. No longer the easygoing personality Diana fell in love with, he is now darker and more secretive.

Soon Sabine and Diana find themselves on a collision course - one seeking vengeance, the other willing to go to any lengths to protect her family.

A big call- but this is my favourite book of 2022. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I’ve read @belinda_alexandra_author novels for more than 20 years…. I’ve loved them all but this is a standout.’

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‘From the opening sentence to the final chapter, I was intrigued, captivated and totally enthralled by this book.’
‘A writer that excels at her chosen career.’
‘A storyline that held me with every word, beautifully presented and a seamless plot.’
‘A solid five-star read and one that I will be highly recommending near and far.’

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Can Belinda do it all? It would seem, yes she can!

I have loved all Belinda’s books and she just seems to get better and better with each one. The French Agent being such a well-rounded novel with love and loyalty, secrets and spies and a story that will sit with you long after turning the final page.

I highly recommend this to not only historical fiction lovers but anyone who wants to get lost in a great story.’

‘Alexandra has clearly gone to great lengths to transport her audience to this bygone era.’

‘I have no hesitation in recommending to all readers.’

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Gripping from the outset with all the twists and turns you can expect from an intriguing mystery.’
‘This cleverly written narrative crafts well-developed characters and also brings to light important environmental issues.’
Well weaved.’
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‘Wow, this one was definitely a page-turner and had me guessing the whole way through how it was going to end.’
‘I definitely was not expecting the twists in this one and the ending really threw me.’
‘I definitely recommend this one to fans of the historical fiction genre!’
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‘Historical fiction brimming with intrigue. Well-drawn characters and clever plotting kept me captivated all the way through. Highly recommended.’
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‘As I love historical fiction, this was always going to be of interest to me but what made it even more appealing was that there was an element of mystery to this story as well.’

‘What I particularly liked was the author’s ability to insert beauty into the storyline in the form of music, art and in particular, nature.’

‘A captivating story, lovely prose and really just quite beautiful in so many ways. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5.’
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Product Details
PRINT ISBN: 9781460758519
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
Published: 7th September 2022
Pages: 400
Historical Fiction

'Belinda Alexandra is a master at keeping the pages turning' — Herald Sun