Australian and New Zealand cover of The Mystery Woman historical fiction novel by Belinda Alexandra.

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In a small town, everyone is watching …

Secrets, scandal and betrayal in 1950s small town Australia

She had thought Shipwreck Bay was simply a remote town where people were bored senseless with their little lives. Now she saw its virtuous facade hid something darker, more sinister.

Rebecca Wood takes the role as postmistress in a sleepy seaside town, desperate for anonymity after a scandal in Sydney. But she is confronted almost at once by a disturbing discovery - her predecessor committed suicide.

To add to her worries, her hopes for a quiet life are soon threatened by the attentions of the dashing local doctor, the unsettling presence of a violent whaling captain and a corrupt shire secretary, as well as the watchful eyes of the town's gossips. Yet in spite of herself, she is drawn to the enigmatic resident of the house on the clifftop, rumoured to have been a Nazi spy.

Against the backdrop of the turbulent sea, Rebecca is soon caught up in the dangerous mysteries that lie behind Shipwreck Bay's respectable net curtains.

‘I couldn’t get enough of this narrative, it was beautifully presented and offered an extremely high level of entertainment.

The Mystery Woman is a spellbinding Australian gothic fiction tale. I award five shining stars to Belinda Alexandra’s latest triumph.’
Mrs B Book Reviews


‘During World War II women were given greater roles and freedom in society but those roles and freedoms were taken away when the men returned.

I wanted to show a woman whose spirit longed for a bigger, bolder life, but whose mind was held captive by the social conditioning of the time, which was that it was better to be married and unhappy than independent and happy.’
Interview with Belinda on

It’s fresh, it’s unique… and still maintains those trademark Belinda Alexandra details.’

‘Right from the glorious cover to the author’s notes at the back, The Mystery Woman doesn’t miss a beat. It is a fabulous page-turner, an atmospheric nod to Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 classic, Rebecca, and yet another reason why Belinda Alexandra novels now go straight to the top of my TBR pile.’
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This intriguing mystery with its gothic undertones, its salute to Du Maurier’s Rebecca, and its melange of colourful characters will have readers racing through the pages, trying to piece together the puzzles that have long haunted Shipwreck Bay. They’ll also be cheering for main character Rebecca as she struggles against the societal norms of 1950s Australia, fighting to be true to her unconventional self, and to forgive herself – and to perhaps even find happiness.’
— Natasha Lester, bestselling author of The Paris Secret

A suspenseful mystery set against the evocative background of 1950s life in the coastal town of Shipwreck Bay and its dark underbelly of hidden secrets. A portrayal of psychological trauma and pain, abuse and violence, submerged beneath the veneer of 1950s mores and taboos that leaves you on the edge of your seat.’
— Tania Blanchard, bestselling author of The Girl From Munich

An intriguing story of love, danger and self-discovery told with flair.’
Alexandra Joel, author of The Paris Model

‘Things heated up and went in a direction I really didn’t expect!’

‘A well crafted, engaging and eloquent story that will make you read late into the night.’ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 stars

‘I loved every page.’ — @becsbookshelf_

‘I was completely engaged and totally in love with the new direction Belinda’s writing took. There is so much to consider and reflect upon and as the suspense builds and the mystery unfolds.’ — Great Reads and Tea Leaves

‘It will have you scrambling as if watching an old black and white thriller movie with your hand drawn to your face and viewing only through the slight crack in your fingers.’ — @greatreadsandtealeaves

‘There was a definite page turning element of suspense that convinced me to finish this one within a few short sittings.’

‘I would definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy unraveling mysteries and uncovering the truth piece by piece.’
— @whiskersandwords__

Product Details
PRINT ISBN: 9781460758496
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
Published: 2nd September 2020
Pages: 432
Historical Fiction

'Belinda Alexandra is a master at keeping the pages turning' — Herald Sun