Australian and New Zealand cover of The Divine Feline non fiction book by Belinda Alexandra.

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A Chic Cat Lady’s Guide To Woman’s Best Friend

Illustrations by Neryl Walker/The Jacky Winter Group

Viva la cat lady!

Cats and women share many traits: beauty, elegance, sensitivity, affectionate natures, a knack for nurturing and a love of the luxurious.

Cats also embody the feminine dark side, with a tendency towards neurosis and fear of change.

Then there are the qualities that cats possess which women long to emulate: fighting fiercely to protect themselves, never saying yes when they mean no, and being unafraid to claim the best seat in the house.

Cats are loyal to those who love them but couldn't give a toss about what others think. They don't suffer self-esteem issues or worry if they're overweight. And then there is that enviable air of mystery, that slinky walk ... oh to be a cat! They're the ultimate totem of female strength.

Belinda Alexandra, writer and ardent cat lover, makes no apology for celebrating the special bond between women and their cats. In The Divine Feline, she shares her own experiences with cats, describes the relationship between women and cats throughout history and solves behavioural and philosophical issues in a whimsical and practical way.

‘There is so much fascinating information captured between the velvet trimmed covers of The Divine Feline that you will be captivated and entranced for many hours as you enjoy a very charming, elegant and chic, naturally, ‘cat ladies guide to woman’s best friend’, which just happens to be perfect for indulging in over the summer season with your feline curled up with you making sure you get it right!’

Blue Wolf Reviews

‘Written in an accessible, conversational style, The Divine Feline explores the historical connection between misogyny (patriarchy) and the way that cats have been treated by society. There are striking parallels in the fluctuating fortunes of women and cats.’
Living Arts Canberra

‘Belinda takes us on a journey throughout history, starting with the origins of the feline in Northern Africa, where they were worshipped by the Egyptians, to their status today as cultural icons.

Belinda then gives readers a crash course on all things feline – from communicating effectively with your cat to creating a stimulating environment for indoor cats. As a cat owner, I found all of this information incredibly useful.’
Better Reading Review

‘For all cat tragics and anyone who’s guilty of trawling the internet for cat videos and the ‘virtual cat park’, this ‘chic cat lady’s guide’ is a must-read.’
Marianne Cannon: ABC Gardening Australia

“The beautiful book, purr-fect for the cat lover in your life, strives to aid cat-owners in providing behavioural and philosophical advice through Alexandra's own experiences, whilst exploring the historical connection between cats and women.”
Samara Ross: The

Product Details:
PRINT ISBN: 9781760525750
Publisher: Murdoch Books
Published: 3rd November 2020
Pages: 280
Hard Cover Gift Book

'Belinda Alexandra is a master at keeping the pages turning' — Herald Sun