A beautiful flamenco dancer tilts her head to the side, mid dance. She is dressed in a red dress. Text: Golden Earrings. Belinda Alexandra. A quest. A passion. And a truth that will change everything.

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A powerful story of family, love, honour and betrayal.

'You who judge me: come! Let me tell you a story ...'

Paloma Batton is the granddaughter of Spanish refugees who fled Barcelona after the Civil War. A disciplined student with the School of the Paris Opera Ballet, Paloma lets little get in the way of her career until she receives a mysterious pair of golden earrings.

She begins exploring her Spanish heritage and becomes fascinated by 'la Rusa', a woman who rose from poverty to become one of the great flamenco dancers of modern times before committing suicide.

As Paloma begins to unravel the secrets of the past, she discovers more than one person who had good reason for wanting la Rusa dead, including Paloma's own grandmother.

Golden Earrings is a story that moves between two great cities: Barcelona in the lead-up to the Civil War and Paris in the 1970s. It is the story of two women and the extremes to which they are willing to go for love.

It is a story of great passions - and great betrayals - where nothing is quite as it seems.

‘Totally enthralling
Herald Sun

‘I love the mystery of Belinda Alexandra novels. She sweeps you along on someone else's journey and just as you think you have it figured out, she throws you some new clue …  Golden Earrings proves once again that Alexandra is a captivating writer capable of transporting readers.’
Hannah, Goodreads

‘I love that I can actually learn things about historical events through her fiction.’
Mary, Goodreads

‘A masterfully crafted, rich feast of a read.’
— Australian Women’s Writers

Product Details:
PRINT ISBN: 9780732291969
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
Published: 1st April 2013
Pages: 608
Historical Fiction

'Belinda Alexandra is a master at keeping the pages turning' — Herald Sun