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Dear Reader,

I am so happy that you are visiting my website! I welcome you with a warm heart because I am a writer who loves her readers. When I write my stories, I not only picture my setting, characters and plot, but I imagine my readers sitting with me too – like we are gathered around the fireside together and I am relating a tale of intrigue, mystery, heartbreak and triumph to you. I want you to forget everything else in your life when you are with me because what I am telling you is so engaging you may have even stopped breathing. I am a storyteller in my soul: My greatest pleasure is to entertain you.

So I invite you to explore this website as if I were inviting you into my virtual home. I’ve decorated it in a style and colours I love and filled it with treasures so you can get to know something of the woman behind the books. I’ve gathered together lots of treats for you to enjoy – a newsletter, a blog, podcasts, interviews, photographs, and personal observations – as well as details about my books and how to obtain them.

So make yourself a cup of tea, take a moment to explore all the rooms, subscribe to my newsletter and drop me a line so that I can get to know you a little better too.

With love,

Belinda Alexandra


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Welcome Blog Post by author Belinda Alexandra

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